Welcome to Notes and Scales a fun and easy way to learn and practice your keyboard.

This software will train towards finding keys of a scale effortlessly while playing your keyboard instrument.

Finding keys without thinking is a big plus and required for playing along with other musicians on a keyboard instrument.

Also you will get the fundaments to prepare you to begin with music theory.

Remember: Practicing can be hard and monotonic but with Notes and Scales now it is fun.

We currently offer a Windows Store version and a Mac AppStore version:


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There are four modes of gameplay and learning:

  • Notes:

This mode allows you to learn the note names and the corresponding keys on the keyboard. Clearly this is the fundament of all other things to come. Once you learned the note names you practice to find them quick in the keyboard.

  • Scales:

With this mode you will get into the most common scales. With some practice when playing the game you will learn to see the keys belonging to a specific scale on the keyboard. Currently the major scale and the natural, harmonic and melodic minor scale is supported. More will be added over time.

  • Scale degrees:

In order to build chords you need to understand the scale degrees. This mode lets you learn these degrees for the scale of your choice. As usual you get practice when playing the game.

  • Chords (coming 2018):

The support for basic chords will be added in 2018. Stay tunes for this functionality

The interface

The interface is customizable. Here are some examples:


Here is another example:



And another one:



Release plans

We intend to release in fall 2017 for Windows Store for Windows desktop systems. Stay tuned. From there, there are plans for a Apple OSX release into the AppStore. Also a Steam version and mobile versions for iOS and Android are in our mind.


We currently are on the Windows store for Desktop devices and in AppStore for Mac computers and MacBooks.

There are also plans for a mobile version for Android and iOS as well as a Steam version.



Buy directly from developer without DRM

Buy a 150 seat school version

Buy a 500 seat school version