Tutorial Scale Degrees Challenge

Scale degrees challenge

In this mode you will get familiar with scale degrees. Scale degrees are a universal numbering system for the notes in a particular scale. Lets take C-Major as an example again. Here the tonic C is the first note and hence the 1st degree (or tonic). Following to this logic note D is the second degree, note E the 3rd etc. Ending with B at the 7th degree. The are 7 degrees in total. Scale degrees are useful for for how chords are constructed.

In the scale degrees mode there are two challenges:

Yes/no challenges

In this challenge you are pointed at a key on the keyboard and you also are shown a number on the key. Here the idea is to answer the question of the shown key either has the shown degree number in the scale or not.

In the example the shown not B is not the 6th degree of the scale C-Major. So the answer is No.

Expert challenge


In this challenge you have to identify the degree of the note shown on keyboard and press the corresponding degree button below.

In the example screen the button to be pressed is ‘4th’.

General rules on gameplay

Click here to get information how the game is played in general.