Tutorial General Gameplay Rules

General gameplay rules


Each challenge consist of levels. If every level of the challenge is complete the challenge is won. Each level consists of a number of questions that are different on each game mode chosen (see detailed descriptions of game modes for details).


The game uses a timer for each challenge if the timer is depleted the game is lost. Besides that there is a separate timer for every question it self. If the timer depletes the question counts as wrongly answered.

Right answers

Right answers let you progress through levels and also give you points that are counted up for every right answer. You can get extra points on top if you answer fast. If the answer is fast enough you will enter the combo mode and every right answer fast enough will increase the bonus points that you will receive. The combo mode is reseted on every wrong or slow answer.

Wrong answers

If a question is answered wrong the wrong-answers-counter is counted up by one. If the counter reaches a maximum the game is lost.